Confused about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)?


50% of us will no longer be able to itemize. Sunshine Accounting Services is here to help—we’ll work with you to figure out how you are affected by the new tax laws and help you plan for tax returns in the future. We’ll be your “money people.”


Have you (or will you) experience any of these things this year or next?


  • Inheritance

  • Life change (marriage, divorce, birth/adoption, etc.)

  • New or growing business

  • Cash flow issues


At Sunshine Accounting Services, we’re here year-round to help you plan for tax season. We eliminate the guesswork so there are no surprises at filing time.


we can help you


  • Define your financial goals

  • Put together an action plan to use as a road map

  • Work the plan with you throughout the year


Sign up for our Help First program and avoid “after the fact” stress.


At Sunshine Accounting Services, we’ll help you prepare for your future financial success through face-to-face and online conferencing. Monthly consultation appointments are included.


Consultation appointments are available before, during, and after tax season.

We’re affordable—and priceless.